Wealth Building Hour

Interview with Joe Lara, Programs Director for The Honor Foundation, and Jason Torey, a Navy Seal and a graduate of The Honor Foundation, discussing how the organization supports Navy Seals and the U.S. Special Operations Community and how they transition leaders into the business community, 12-5-17

Interview with Paul Hynes, Founder & CEO of Hearth Stone Private Wealth Management, discussing the path to Financial Security, 11-28-17

Interview with Greg Brown, Senior Principal Consultant with Expense Reduction Analysts, discussing how to reduce unneeded expenses and improve cash flow, 10/24/17

Interview with Darren Reinke, owner of Group Sixty, discussing how to effectively accelerate business growth, 9/26/17

Interview with Sean Puckett, Senior VP – Treasury Services at Mechanics Bank, discussing strategic banking for entrepreneurs, 8/23/17

Interview with John Wheeler, partner of Akili Capital regarding the importance of merging business and personal goals, 6/27/17

Interview with Kelly Tremblay and Richard Earnest of iHEARu regarding how noise impacts people and productivity, 5/23/17

Interview with Tim Owens, owner of Courant Culture, LLC, discussing how his company provides leadership and performance consulting to help businesses grow, 4-25-17

Interview with Susie Japs, Managing Director of Wejungo™, discussing “Proven techniques for attracting, interviewing and assessing talent”, 3-28-17

Interview with Nathan Craig, Owner of 3C Insurance Services, “Managing the Maze of Business Benefits”, 2/28/17

Interview with Michael Trezza, Owner of Lithyem Company, “Transforming Business Through Technology”, 1/24/17

Interview with David Evans, Founder & President of Decision Logic, “Growing and Managing a Technology Company”, 12/27/16

Interview with Lance McGoldrick & Richard Wenrick, Owners of Trilar Property Management Group, 10/25/16

Interview with Eric Enciso of Roma Markets, 9/28/16

Interview with John Wheeler, Partner of Akili Capital, ‘Growing The Value of Your Business’, 7/26/16

Interview with Mindy Bortness, President/CEO of Communication Works, regarding selecting, developing, and retaining top talent and navigating the stages of business growth, 6/28/16

Interview with Doug Walker, HR Services Manager of Insperity, about how to manage, motivate and get results from those who you work with, 4/26/16

Interview with Ernie Hahn, General Manager of the Valley View Casino Center, Managing Operations & Investments by Managing Expectations, 3/22/16

Interview with Mike Bourne, Managing Partner of Atessa Benefits, Pension Planning to Grow and Protect Wealth, 2/23/16

Rise Up Radio featuring Kevin Brown & David Morris with special Charity Advisor Tim Barker, 2/16/16

Interview with Wade Taylor, President of wsRadio, Planning and Wise Advisors Help Business Address Uncertainty and Risk, 1/26/16

Growing With Media Resources, an interview with Jack Crittenden, President Cypress Magazines, 12/22/15

Interview with David Felker of Polara Golf, Integrating Technology, Marketing and Finances in Growing Your Business, 11/24/15

Interview with Brian Mooney, Principal at Rick Engineering, 9/22/15

Interview with Peter Ripa, CEO of the Farmer’s Invitational Golf Tournament in San Diego, 8/25/15

Interview with Alan Nevin, CEO of Xpera Group, 7/28/15

Interview with Terry Moore, Principal of ACI Apartments, 6/23/15

Interview with Keith Padgett, CEO of PRO KIDS Academy, 5/26/15

Interview with Ray Calhoun, CEO of Silver Bridge Technologies, LLC, 4/28/15

Interview with Richard Earnest, President of the Chairman’s Round-table Mentoring Program, 3/24/15

Interview with Debra Rosen, CEO North County Business Chamber and Mike Peters, VP Of Pacific Western Bank, 2/24/15

Interview with Elizabeth Smith Chavez of Smith Chavez Law, 1/27/15

Interview with Peter Sieffert, Partner of the San Diego office of Swiss Avenue Partners, 12/9/14

Interview with Eric Northbrook, Managing Director of Voit Commercial’s San Diego and Chris Meacham, CEO of Cornerstone Wealth Management, 11/25/14

Interview with Dan McSwain, Business Columnist for the U-T San Diego, 10/28/14

Interview with Dick Palmer, CEO of General Mortgage & Palmer Realty, 9/23/14

Interview with George McGregor of McGregor and Associates, 8/26/14

Interview with Curtis Dadian, President of California Space Management, 7/22/14

Interview with Jack McGory, CEO of La Jolla Management Company, 6/10/14

Interview with Matt Johnson, General Manager of Helm’s Brewing, 5/13/14

Interview with Reo Carr, the Executive Editor of the San Diego Business Journal, 4/22/14

Interview with Russell Geyser, Owner of San Diego Aviators Tennis Team and Shelly Hall, Owner and CEO of Spearhall Advertising & PR, 3/25/14

Interview with George Reyes, Best Best and Krieger Attorneys at Law, 2/25/14

Interview with Kevin Brown, Managing Partner at RBTK LCC, 1/28/14