Tax Organizer for 2022 Taxes

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Tax season is here. The tax deadline – Tuesday, April 18th – is fast approaching. The RBTK 2022 Tax Organizer will assist you in collecting and reporting information necessary to properly prepare your 2022 income tax returns.

You can download your Tax Organizer from SmartVault by going to or by clicking on your specific SmartVault link that was emailed to you by our office this January.

Please complete the appropriate organizer sections and provide supporting documentation where necessary. Prior year data is included for your reference. Please provide us with your items by uploading your completed organizer and supporting tax documents via your SmartVault account, courier services or USPS.

Where applicable, please provide us with copies of:

● W-2s for wages
● 1099s for interest, dividends, stock sales, etc.
● K-1s for income/loss from partnerships, S corporations, etc.
● 1098s for mortgage interest and property tax statements
● Closing statements pertaining to real estate transactions as well as California form 593 for Real Estate Income Tax Withholding
● Details of any foreign assets, including bank and securities accounts, not held by a U.S. broker
● Details of any virtual currency transactions
● 1095s relating to Health Insurance reporting
● Any other supporting documents, schedules, or checkbooks that may be pertinent
● Any tax notices received from the IRS or other taxing authorities

Keep in mind a few time-saving points regarding turnaround times:

● It is VERY IMPORTANT that the included Client Information and questionnaire be completed as accurately as possible.
● It is not necessary to write in numbers from your forms 1099, 1098, W-2 and K-1s . . . We can use the source documents themselves.
● If you are missing some tax information like brokerage statements, K-1s, 1099s, etc., please send in what you have NOW. . . You can provide the missing information as it becomes available.
● Please send us your information as early as possible. . . Our goal has always been to deliver the highest quality product. This leaves time not only to request additional information when necessary but also to evaluate in greater depth, any alternative reporting possibilities that could lead to minimizing your total tax liability.
● If you provide us the information after March 15, 2023, we may need to file an extension for you.

Should you have any questions as you’re putting your 2022 tax information together, please call us at 858-430-0300.