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We Are More Than CPAs

Here at RBTK, we take a very unique approach to servicing our valued clients. That’s because we are more than just CPAs. We are actual business owners who also operate in the CPA service arena. Operating and focusing from a business perspective means we know how to look at a variety of angles to help your business thrive, given your own unique circumstances.

To define our strategy, we ask some key questions: What is your business? What are you doing? And most importantly . . .


Testing the Waters Before Jumping In

When considering a merger or acquisition, the most opportune time to find out about possible culture clashes is obviously before the deal is complete. In fact, one often-cited reason for mergers or acquisitions that fail to get off the ground is concern about potential cultural integration problems. Avoiding such costly pitfalls by conducting a cultural evaluation has become a high priority for most companies considering transactions.

While other facets of due diligence focus heavily upon quantitative factors such as . . .


Helping Business Owners Plan Their Future

At RBTK we are more than just CPAs, we are business financial advisors for our clients and we help them make informed and strategic decisions based not only on their financial information but also on where they want to take their business in the future.

For example, we have a very successful and profitable client that we have been working with for 30 years.

When they first started out as a small company we  . . .


Strategic Planning

Many small businesses prepare — and regularly update — a strategic plan, but many overlook this important task.

Whether your business falls into the “have” or a “have-not” category, a strategic plan can be an invaluable resource to help your company accomplish its ultimate objectives. And part of this process involves having a succession or exit plan.


Business Planning Succession

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Succession Plan Troubles

Family-owned businesses often face distinctive challenges when it comes to succession planning. Emotions can run high, and the business owner’s lifelong working legacy may be at stake. This article discusses various ways to address succession planning concerns and conflicts.