Interview with Greg Brown, Senior Principal Consultant with Expense Reduction Analysts, discussing how to reduce unneeded expenses and improve cash flow, 10/24/17

10/24/17 Enhancing Cash Flow

Enhancing business cash flow is important in growing and managing a business. Expenses are usually an area that business owners focus on to help enhance cash flow. However, with limited expertise in multiple supplier/expense disciplines, as well as limited internal resources, it can be difficult to significantly enhance cash flow. Joining Kevin Brown on the show today to discuss just how you cash enhance cash flow with the right resources and expertise is Greg Brown, Senior Principal Consultant, of Expenses Reduction Analysts. Listen in as Kevin and Greg discuss various ways to enhance cash flow.

1 Expense Reduction & Using Third Party Resources – Why? / 2 Low Price Vs. Low Cost – The Value Propostion

2 How to Uncover Additional Cash Flow / 4 Expense Reduction Analysts – The Secret Sauce