What’s the Opportunity?

We are offering an opportunity to be part of a firm where you’re more than just an accountant. Since 1981 we have been our clients’ trusted adviser, providing insightful business solutions and helping build long-term strategies. With your employment at RBTK, you will be able to develop your career as our reputable company continues to grow.  You will be tasked with the highest ethical standards, maintaining professionalism and ensuring impeccable customer service in everything we say and do.

How does our Team describe our culture?

    • We live a well-balanced lifestyle
    • We collaborate: We emphasize team work, sharing ideas, and giving feedback
    • We desire to learn something new every day
    • We believe anything is possible, you can define your future
    • We always add value: to our clients, to our team, to ourselves

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You love keeping numbers, systems and documents organized.You are incredibly patient, level-headed, and cool under pressure. You excel at coordinating activities, information and keeping people accountable, both internally and externally.

You pay attention to the details with an analytical eye. You stay focused, see and address the important details without getting lost in the weeds on non-critical areas. You have a proven track record of solid written communication, facilitation of established processes, and the ability to catch all numerical errors.

You have a work-hard mentality. You are someone who will ask for more work when a day is slow and is very efficient with time. You take pride in getting things right the first time and learning from mistakes.

You are a super communicator. You are very personable and professional. You have the highest quality standards with a get things done the best way possible attitude. You think ahead on everything and are impeccable with follow-up and follow through.

You are a self-starter and lifelong learner. You are willing to learn new things and take on new tasks, as well as open to feedback and resourceful when issues or challenging situations may arise.

Current opportunities at RBTK are listed below.  Please click on the link for more information.  We look forward to meeting you!