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2013 Tax Planning Considerations – We just got through with filing 2012 tax returns but it’s not too early to start planning and being aware of what faces us in 2013. Click here for further detail on tax planning considerations.


Retirement Plan Distributions - When are retirment plan distributions subject to tax withholding? Click here to learn more


Cloud Computing - What is cloud computing? In simple terms the “cloud” for a business is outsourcing the entire information technology system to a third party, and then having the ability to access your programs and data from anywhere you can access the Internet. The constant need to upgrade computers and software and servers is costly, and if the system goes down during critical times it can be devastating. Using the cloud can provide cost savings and increased efficiencies, but of course there are a number of factors to consider. Click Here to learn more regarding cloud computing in article by Kathleen Schneider of Richman Knoll Associates.


Selecting The Right Business Structure – We are always asked what is the best structure for my business, a sole-proprietorship, an LLC or a corporation. Of course there is no simple answer for what is the right business structure. A number of factors are important and each situation is different. Here is a brief discussion on the issues to consider and benefits of the different forms of business structure. click here


Lease Vs. Buy - We are often asked whether it is better to lease or buy a vehicle or piece of equipment. To learn more click here


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